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     On Amazon website is available the second edition of a guide to WWII sites in Italy was published. It includes a chapter about battlegrounds and monuments to the 10th Mountain Division and Brazilian forces in the Apennines.
       The museum contributed to this chapter by giving its author, Anne L. Saunders, a tour of selected local sites.
      A Travel Guide to World War II Sites in Italy (2nd edition) has twenty chapters and describes almost 200 locations, beginning in Sicily and ending at Trieste. It has its own website and on Amazon you can see a preview of the book

The trilogy of the 10th American Mountain Division in Italy.

copertina purab1945. The U.S. 10th Mountain Division in Italy
Then and Now

By Davide Mori and Giovanni Sulla in collaboration with Andrea and Giuliano Gandolfi, Curators of the Museum System of Iola di Montese.

Photographs of places and people compared between 1945 and today, along the advance of the U.S. 10th Mountain Division’s soldiers in Italy, from the Gothic Line to Lake Garda and the border with Austria.


promo 1carribAfter the books, by Andrea e Giuliano Gandolfi, In My Father's Foxholes and Footsteps, which indelibly imprint on a book memories and original photographic testimonies by Cruz Rios, soldier of the 10th Mountain Division, and in the following publication Gothic Line Bloody Red, where inside they found space: the history of the only Americans Division of Mountaineers together with the memoirs of officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the division as well as other original photographic testimonies in color taken between the Gothic Line, Lake Garda up to the border with Austria, now is published .... 1945. The U.S. 10th Mountain Division in Italy. Then and now. This photographic book compares people and places portrayed in the now distant 1945 with the same places and, in some cases people, nowadays.

The reader can observe the photos of a territory battered and torn by conflict, compared to those of the same places in our day, suddenly become an oasis of peace and beauty.

What amazes even more is the ability to identify children and young people, portraits in the photos of the time, turn into a moment in adults today. People who have not made mention of those events, sometimes for years, or that have instead handed down, in a discreet way to the loved ones, stories of events from the unthinkable tragedy. So unique and incredible that it would probably be worthwhile to collect them in as many individual works, to be saved forever on that fascinating and irreplaceable object to be helding in the hands that is a book.

All photographs are Geotagged. The points in which they were taken are identifiable with the GPS of your smartphone.

Italian and english

At the museum or on this website

Size: 29.7 x 21 (A4) vertical
Cover: rigid and plasticized
Pages: 172
Selling price: 30 euros

ISBN: 978-88-944068-0-1
Info to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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