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Gothic Line Bloody Red. Third extended edition

Third edition of the memoirs and photographs of soldiers of the US 10th Mountain Division during the 1945 campaign in Italy

Sales price: 35,00 €

History, memories and unpublished photographs of the campaign of the US 10th Mountain Division in Italy.
The third edition of the Gothic LIne Bloody Red book, published in Montese (Modena) in June 2022 by the publisher Il Trebbo, has been extended to 216 pages by adding a further chapter of letters sent by a soldier to his girlfriend in America in which transpire fears, anxieties and uncertainty about the future. The book also includes a chapter with geotaged photographs of some of the principal monuments dedicated to the 10th Mountain Division and, in particular, to some of its soldiers.

By Andrea e Giuliano Gandolfi. Edition 2022.

Italian and English.

Directly to the museum or on this website

Features of the book:
format: 29.7 x 21 (A4) portrait
cover: plasticized rigit
pages: 216
selling price: 39 Euro
ISBN: 978-88-944068-4-9
For information: info@sulleormedeinostripadri.it

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