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Logo of the Cultura Association Il TrebboThe Cultural Group "The Trebbo" was established in early 1988 and its name comes from the Latin TRIVIUM which means "between streets", therefor streets that meet together, meeting of people for talk, discuss .., therefore encounter: this word is commonly used also in our dialect to indicate a group of homes.

Since 1988, we have periodically published volumes which deal monographic issues, our tradition, war, migrants, etc..

Since 1994 we publish the newsletter "Montese Notizie" (Montese News) that from n. 50 is a full color publication and comes out at Christmas, Easter and summer. Moreover, each year, we publish special issues on topics monographs.

In accordance with the Statute of the Group in 1990, we have carried out some essential maintenance works in the chapel of 1700's in Mazzoli locality into the village of Castelluccio

In 1991 and 1992, with the crucial help of volunteers we have placed a stable semi crumbling adjacent to the Church of Iola, commonly known as the old rectory, where we have placed a small museum "Raccolta di Cose Montesine" (Collection of Montesine items). The museum is the reconstruction of a old house, with the kitchen, the bedrooms, the angle of the cobbler, the tailor, the weaver, there are also areas where they were collected numerous war relics, minerals, volumes of local history , tools of rural life and the cellar.

We have a library with over 1,300 volumes, most original and some in photocopies.
In 1993 we presented the movie "Olive the legend of the Monte Belvedere" developed with the cooperation and the financing of the Cultural Group Il Trebbo and of the Monteforte Chorus.
In 1996, we set up an exhibition of the works, photographs and research by Professor Augusto Righi.
In 2001, we began a research on the mills of the area which ended with a photo exhibition of the 37 mills censed.
In 2002, together with the Group's "People of Gaggio" we celebrated with various initiatives the 100 years of the Sanctuary of Ronchidoso (built half in half in Bologna and Modena) and dedicated to all immigrants.
Since 2005 we have expanded the museum "collection of things Montesine" by entering the trail the wine cellar, stables, barn and old porch;
In 2006, we set up an exhibition of photographs by Rios Cruz, a veteran of the 10th Mountain Division of the U.S., visiting the Museum May 31, 2006 along with a large delegation of veterans. The photos retrace the journey of the soldier from Livorno to Venice through the Apennines.

In summer 2008 at the exhibition hall of "former icehouse", with the collaboration of local schools, we set up a photographic exhibition by students of Montese.

In the spring-summer 2008, with the collaboration of the parish of Iola, was prepared the route: "Faith, memory, and environment." Walking path through chestnut trees, memories of war, a small but impressive oratory and amazing panoramic views.

In the summer of 2009 in the exhibition hall "former icehouse", in collaboration with local schools, were exhibited the work of young people who have joined the project "How to enhance their own country".  Are also exhibitions of paintings and photographs on topics related to our land.

In 2016 the construction of the new museum MEMORIE D'ITALIA 1939-1945 began, which will host the collections of the second world war currently exposed on the first floor of the RACCOLTA DI COSE MONTESINE museum.

We have 240/250 members, who are invited once a year to discuss and propose activities of the association, gifted copies of the newspaper "Montese Notizie" and get discounts on all publications of the Association.

For any further information please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Montese (Modena), May 28, 2018


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