• Campo Tizzorno.

  • Locality Corona.

  • Locality Pietracolora.

  • Between Naples and Leghorn.

  • Unknown location.

  • Unknown location.

  • Locality Gargnano on the Lake of Garda.

  • As we where.

  • Venice.

    May 1945.

Book contents

     Now that the book is finished, we must admit "it was love at first sight". We met Val Rios in late May 2006, and the idea developed between June and July.

    We received Cruz Rios' memoirs in September and began translating them from American English to Italian. In the meanwhile,  we verify dates and events and to draw up all the texts. Graphics added, and all translations and we were ready to jump in October (the book is bilingual: Italian and English).

    In early December 2006,  we printed the book after a long proofreading, translations, etc and despite everything … some errors slipped out. We are confident that readers will forgive us, after all we are freshmen in the publishing field.


    We firstly like thank: Val and Cruz Rios, this book would have never been written without their contribution. Walter Bellisi and Erminio Bernardi, Chairman of “Il Trebbo" association, for proofreading. Elizabeth Carosella Dart and Alessandra Furlani for all their care in translating into American and British. Ciuffetti of Mac Service for the graphics tips. Labanti and Nanni for telling us all we must know about publishing for a book. Last but not least, wives that have been extremely patient for three long months, waiting for the husbands involved in this experience until late at night.

 The book is made up of 160 pages, 128 of which reserved to the photos, and includes:


- The introduction by authors Andrea and Giuliano Gandolfi

- The presentation by Cruz Rios

- A brief history of the 10th American Mountain Division

- An introduction describing the state of the several European war fronts  in late 1944

- Cruz Rios' memoires and experiences during his Italian stay between late 1944 and war end

- A photo book featuring 128 pictures, from training stage in America, to images of Naples, Pisa, of the villages and the people encountered in the Apennine Mountains, depictions of fights and of quiet moments and snaps taken in Florence, Venice and Slovenia.

- A presentation of the Iola di Montese Museum. The photos show the autumn 2006 layout. More rooms have been added to the facility since then, and the number of items on display has remarkably increased.

 All chapters are bilingual: the left section of each page is in Italian and the right one in English.

Book features:

size: 21.5x34 cm

cover: hard cover

color photographs: 128

sales price: 35 Euro

ISBN: 88-87586-20-9

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">Important note: book proceeds will be donated to the Iola di Montese Museum and charities.


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