June 17, 2023. Premiere of the miniseries in Italian language

premiere 17 6Gazzetta Mo 18 6 2023Applause and emotion by spectators who attended the screening in Italian language.

It's not up to us to make a judgement.
We leave this task to the public and summarize the day in the article in the Gazzetta di Modena signed by Manuel Marinelli: "Applause and tears at the premiere on the soldiers who brought freedom".

June 11, 2023. Premiere of the miniseries in US english language

PresentazioneOn June 11, the English-US language version was presented. 122 Descendants of 10th MD veterans, on which the miniseries is centered have assisted, and civil and military authorities too.

Also in this case open applause and an even more heartfelt emotion.
A demanding project, which lasted three years, in which the director, Luciano La Valle, wrote the screenplay and directed.
A project tackled with passion by the executive producers, Guglielmo Mattiello and the brothers Andrea and Giuliano Gandolfi who, the latter, took care of the production either of the financial and organizational part of the project.
Appointment on June 17 for the official premiere in Italian in which seats have already been sold out for a few days.

The miniseries MOUNTAINMEN Gothic Line 1945 presented

10 6 gruppoOn June 10 presented the Italian version of the miniseries. The screening was attended by the reenactors, technicians and productors as well as those who worked on filming.

The result exceeded expectations, with applause for a few minutes and also emotion for the common thread that links the miniseries and for the implicit reflections to which the plot of the work leads.

The official social channels of the TV miniseries, Mountainmen. Gothic Line 1945 have been made.

miniserieYep!!! The social channels of the TV mini series, Mountainmen. Gothic Line 1945 have been created.

Trailer, curiosities, behind-the-scenes photos are published on Facebook and Instagram.

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