The Benefactors of the museum

   This page is dedicated to benefactors whose donations helped us to enrich the collections or have allowed us to carry out projects aimed at promoting the museum or to improve the facilities.

They deserve our gratitude and we put them in evidence:

-Brian Schneider in memory of Norman Manees
-Grace in memory of di Bob Yank

-The families of Bonzi Ezio and Andrea in memory of Bonzi Bruno and Bonzi Elio
-Famiglia Baveri Maria
-Santoro family in memory of the Brigadier General Nicola Santoro

The plaque at the entrance of the World War II collections
on the first floor of the museum.

To have granted their collections to the museum is proper to thank:

- Andrea and Giuliano Gandolfi brothers for the collections of 10th Mountain Division, Werhmacht and part of F.E.B.

- Michele and Giovanna Ciccone family for the collection of Italian memories of the World War II period.


Make a Donation

 The activities of the museum relies on volunteers and donations.
Your donation can help us so the new and future generations can learn from their past.


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