Ghotic Line 1945. History, Memory and Territory

PROGRAMMA500xWe return to the footsteps of Italian History by remembering those who fought on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines battlefields.

We will do it together with the 122 descendants of the US 10th Mountain Division veterans, who after six years return to Italy to visit the places where their fathers or grandfathers fought between the winter and spring of 1945, flanked by the soldiers of the 1st Brazilian Infantry Division.
We present the program of events to be held between 6 and 11 June to which we have given a substantial contribution in terms of organization.
In particular, on the morning of June 6 the benches placed along the path that leads to the top of Monte Belvedere from via Calcinara will be inaugurated, offered and made available to visitors by the 10th Mountain Divison Descendant and the Tenth Mountain Division Foundation. In the afternoon, a new and original monument will be inaugurated at the entrance to the town of Querciola. Colonel Sérgio Alexandre de Oliveira, Military Attaché of the Brazilian Embassy in Italy, will be present at the visit to the FEB monument at the Guanella di Gaggio Montano on June 7. He will illustrate the history of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force in the battles between the winter and spring of 1945, alongside the soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division.
On June 9, on the day of the visit to Castel d'Aiano, a monument will be inaugurated in Santa Lucia at the base of Monte Pigna to celebrate the breakthrough of the German lines in the bloody offensive of April 14, 1945. On June 11, in the presence of the Consul General of the United States Consulate in Florence, Ms Ragini Gupta, Colonel Sérgio Alexandre de Oliveira, Military Attaché of the Brazilian Embassy in Italy, civil and military authorities, will be presented in Montese in national premiere, the TV miniseries MOUNTAINMEN. Gothic Line 1945. Filmed between March 2022 and January 2023 in the territories between Gaggio Montano, Montese and Castel d'Aiano, it will be screened in English-American during an event reserved for descendants of veterans of the 10th Mountain Division and authorities.

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