Italian Memories

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Even the Italian memories have found their place in the Iola museum of Montese.

     The room R has been rearranged and now housed a collection by Romano Ciccone; their sons Michael and Joan, gave to the museum uniforms, helmets, hats and badge which showed in appropriate area. There is a showcase with report cards, notebooks, and school vintage items as well as postcards commemorating arms and political feats. Another display housed daggers, badges, bayonets, and a Radio Balilla.

     There are showcases with badges, decorations and medals between 1920 and 1945s. Paesant Civilization area was enriched with a camera of early 900s, a gramophone and two vintage radios.



    The Museum l
ibrary was updated with books, posters, original newspapers, postcards, magazines, novels, historical documents and period photographs, there are also some documents dating back to emigration of Italians in America at the beginning of 900s.

Website updated with new photographs and the latest movie, but we invite to see the museum ..... seen live is a real leap in history.


About History ..... another collection is came to take their own space in the museum and cover the period between 1700 and 1800s: Middle Ages helmets, halberds, swords, flintlock nipple pistols and rifles will provide another element to museums offer.




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