Expansion of the Museum collections

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    The museum continues its indefatigable evolution ! By the way the philosophy behind the project is that a museum can not be static but must constantly offer new stimuli: to past generations, in order to remember, and to the future generation to see, with curiously, from where they came from.

    Thanks to Michael and Joanna, who have given to the museum the collection that their father had tenaciously collected with passion in dozens of years, in the museum's first floor, covering the period of World War II, will be a room set up again, by the the end of November, which will be dedicated entirely to memorabilia of the Italian period between 1920 and 1960. The hall will host uniform of Italian Army, Carabinieri Corps, Navy, MVSN, RSI, radio and a phonograph by that time as well as decorations and medals.

In the conference hall will be completed the library with documents, books, newspapers, magazines, postcards and photographs by that time. We will meet the almost 3.000 visitors and fans that this year appreciated the work done by the association and volunteers: our goal is to offer them another window on the past.

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 The activities of the museum relies on volunteers and donations.
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