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MUSEUM of QUALITY acknowledgment


The Museum of Iola di Montese received MUSEUM of QUALITY acknowledgment by the Institute of Artistic, Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Emilia Romagna region.

The complex process has allowed us to achieve other goals that we set out to improve the museum attractivity and hence of the territory, acknowledging to all those who have worked diligently to grow this reality, the right reason of pride.

This acknowledgment is noteworthy because confirms the validity of the museum offer which is still constantly evolving and expanding.



Italian Memories

Even the Italian memories have found their place in the Iola museum of Montese.

     The room R has been rearranged and now housed a collection by Romano Ciccone; their sons Michael and Joan, gave to the museum uniforms, helmets, hats and badge which showed in appropriate area. There is a showcase with report cards, notebooks, and school vintage items as well as postcards commemorating arms and political feats. Another display housed daggers, badges, bayonets, and a Radio Balilla.

Expansion of the Museum collections

    The museum continues its indefatigable evolution ! By the way the philosophy behind the project is that a museum can not be static but must constantly offer new stimuli: to past generations, in order to remember, and to the future generation to see, with curiously, from where they came from.

    Thanks to Michael and Joanna, who have given to the museum the collection that their father had tenaciously collected with passion in dozens of years, in the museum's first floor, covering the period of World War II, will be a room set up again, by the the end of November, which will be dedicated entirely to memorabilia of the Italian period between 1920 and 1960. The hall will host uniform of Italian Army, Carabinieri Corps, Navy, MVSN, RSI, radio and a phonograph by that time as well as decorations and medals.

Museum Quality project

As part of the promotion and enhancement of the Iola di Montese museum, is started, at the Institute of Artistic, Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Emilia Romagna region, the recognition for application of Quality Museum.
The museums of quality, recognized by the Emilia-Romagna region can enjoy the following benefits:
- Priority in regional funding. - Recognition of the identity of the museum as an autonomous institution operating within the territory. - Certification and quality enhancement, also identified by a special logo. - Participation in communication and promotion campaigns by the Emilia Romagna region and the Institute of Artistic, Cultural and Natural Heritage. - Potential to attract sponsors and donations. - Growing reputation and visibility.

The path is complex and it is a goal that would aim to enhance the museum itself and the territory, a source of pride and satisfaction for those who have believed and worked to establish and grow this reality.

10th Mountain Division Descendant's partnership

10th Mountain Division Descendant's partnershipThe first time we met some veterans and descendants of the 10th mountain division was in 1996.

It was with a certain curiosity and respect that we observed and reflected on why, after 51 years, one should still feel the urge to return to a land where today’s veterans turned from young men, with their lives in front of them to adults, thrown into the field of battle, in a foreign land, and had to see their companions die, often horribly, and stare death in the face every minute of every day.

There are also, of course, those who have tried, and often in vain, to block out those memories of blood and pain. We believe a respect for these men should and must be passed down to future generations who are alive today because of the sacrifices, broadly speaking, made by our “fathers”.

    This is why we think the best way to convey our respect is to continue paying tribute to those who fought and died in our country, with memories whose natural home is a museum, the one at Iola di Montese in particular.

    The halls dedicated to the 10th mountain division, featuring daily and personal objects, uniforms, weapons and equipment, are in keeping with this strong theme of the partnership between the museum of Iola di Montese and the association of the descendents of the 10th mountain division.

    We would like to thank Val Rios, the President of the association of the descendents of the 10th mountain division, and all the veterans for their kind and valuable contribution to the museum.

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        Link all'accreditamento dell'Associazione discendenti della 10a Divisione da Montagna